Saturday, January 29, 2005

Middle English Pornography

Middle English Pornography
I have a noble cock.

The following text is from this link.

"1 I haue a gentil cook,
2 Crowyt me day.
3 He doth me rysyn erly,
4 My matyins for to say.
5 I haue a gentil cook,
6 Comyn he is of gret.
7 His comb is of reed corel,
8 His tayil is of get.
9 I haue a gentyl cook,
10 Comyn he is of kynde.
11 His comb is of red scorel,
12 His tayl is of Inde.
13 His legges ben of asor,
14 So geintil and so smale.
15 His spores arn of syluer qwyt,
16 In to the worte wale.
17 His eynyn arn of cristal,
18 Lokyn al in aumbyr,
19And euery nyght he perchit hym
20 In myn ladyis chaumbyr.

"Loose Translation:
"I have a noble cock
Who crows for me at daybreak.
He rouses me up early
To say my matins.
I have a noble cock.
He comes from great ones.
His comb is of red corel.
His tail is of jet.
I have a noble cock,
He comes from kin [or nature];
His comb is of red squirrel,
His tail is of indigo.
His legs are of azure,
So noble and so slender.
His spurs are of white silver
As far as the wartwale.
His eyes are of crystal,
Set all in amber,
And every night he perches himself
In my lady's chamber."

Now that's classy!

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