Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An average of 18 veterans a day commit suicide.

In a stunning admission, top officials at the Veterans Health Administration confirmed that the agency’s own statistics show that an average of 126 veterans per week -- 6,552 veterans per year -- commit suicide, according to an internal email distributed to several VA officials.

also here.

Tragedy. I was listening to Amy Goodman on the radio today, and she was interviewing another author/correspondent, and he mentioned this statistic. He continued speaking and Amy said (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Wait, what? Let me stop you for a moment, did you just say 18 a day?!" He explained that yes, 18 a day, and that there was an internal memo at the VA, with the subject line "SHHH!" It said, in essence, not to allow the "press" to know of this statistic.

I'm fried, and I have to do a lot of schoolwork, and I JUST got back from LI (drove down this morning, interviewed an aide, set up two bed frames and beds, moved some stuff around, etc, then drove back. Been on the road for six or seven hours today, all told) I wanted to mention this though, because it's terrible, and it's Veterans Day, and while I want to honor those that choose to serve, I also want to point out that we need to provide support to those unfortunate enough to see combat.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President-elect Obama, will be the 44th President of the United States.

Barack Obama passes 270 electoral votes, defeats John McCain, and will become 44th President of the United States. (338-156 at the time of this post)


History has been made, perhaps a reason for hope. 8 years of shit, and now there is a light at the end.

An African-American President. Something I thought I wouldn't see in my lifetime.

A landslide? A mandate?

I think so, at least for the latter.

A statement against corruption, a wonderful affirmation for change, for the kind of leadership we haven't seen since Presidents like JFK. (I would settle for work similar to Bill Clinton's, minus the scandalous behavior)

It also looks like we have a majority in the Senate as well.

Look, I don't want to sound like I have "drank the kool-aid," but I'm telling you, the man is a galvanizing, powerful force, an amazing, dynamic speaker, and a signifier of a sea-change in this country.

Congratulations, President-elect Obama. I look forward to your leadership.

ps I would LOVE to go to his Inauguration.

If I didn't have to write a paper tonight / tomorrow, I would be out screaming in the streets.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I don't know why this is so funny.

Found on the "Zombie Survival Wiki":

********* Most awesome dream yet ever!But someone just interrupted it!
I was playing World of Warcraft and When I was doing Sunwell Plateau a raid instance, We defeated Kil'jaeden and the other bosses and I was very happy I got my Gronnstalker's Set and Thoridal Stars' Fury on my Hunter. I went to the CR and I saw myself wearing a weird Chain Mail,Helmet with an eye,and shoulderpads with an eye. It looked like the same thing in the game. I went to the living room and my dog looks weird too,it looked like a monster it was a warp stalker from the thing you tame as a pet in world of warcraft, I went outside and everybody was a zombie and big abominations. I saw my friend he was a zombie,I had a bow on my back and it was Thoridal Stars' Fury I shot all the zombies with a magical arrow. I was impressed and I thinked of moredamage and I gained "Aspect of the Hawk" which made me stronger. I whistled,I lost my ride so a cool armored tiger was there to take me to the city.I went to the city and while on my tiger I didn't knew I had a cool axe on my back,it made me stronger. I saw zombies coming near me and I used my bow on them. There were more zombies and I commanded my warp stalker to kill em all.I unleashed a Beastial Rage.I was in top of the building dancing . But while I was dancing, I fell down on the building and some weird dragon just saved me from falling,it was a Nether Drake and I had a huger smile on my face. I saw more zombies and I went down, I killed em all with my bow and someone just gouged me and backstabbed me finally it eviscerated me. I saw it was Bilo the rogue my arena opponent. While I was kneeling down I gave him the finger and he mutilated me.