Friday, May 13, 2005


the trees reach up, green dendrites
arching to shock the sky.

the grey roughly kisses them, the wind
a crushing swaying embrace.

the robins are hopping close
the jays are screaming for it

then the sky cracks in half like
a fresh egg...

You walk through this mad earth-love, as
fat raindrops leap down
hammering your soul,
stripping away rough rusty ideas
blasting away thought
burnishing and polishing
soaked, you reach the door, turn the knob and
step in;

only to drop your bag, turn smiling
and walk back into the rain,

knowing that this is as

close to God

as you will ever get.


Anonymous said...

How do you have time to be creative during finals week?

My mind doesn't have the room for it.

james sherwood said...

I honestly don't know. I'm trying to write a little every day. It's hard, because I'm also trying to compose possible essays (at least six separate ones) in my head. I'm trusting that I don't go crazy.