Wednesday, November 16, 2005

white power morons

[Listen- this is not an Academic paper or anything of the sort- it’s not even a formal essay- it’s simply a few musings I had been mulling over the past few days, in the wake of a thing going on in Kingston, NY, not far from where I live. ]

The world treated The Third Reich and Naziism as it should be treated; a cancer and a pathology. It was stamped out, as any mass pathological has and will be stamped out. Now I find that there are wannabe Nazis in my backyard. If pseudo-Naziism is what one aspires to, it is a clear indication of deep pathological self-hate and overriding fear. This is obvious to anyone who has the ability to string more than one coherent and rational thought together; it is not that education indoctrinates, as some of the better-spoken [relatively speaking] of the fake-Nazi characters would have us believe- it allows for a framework that teaches people to think critically and rationally about any given set of concepts.

Political correctness is a euphemism for “don’t offend anyone who might be offended”, and as such, should be given some degree of scrutiny. Nevertheless, the concept of Naziism offends anyone who has the ability to think clearly and objectively. The exposure to Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, or Nietzsche, Heidegger and Sartre, the study of Philosophy and Ethics, as well as Anthropological, Sociological and Psychological studies, prepare the mind to make choices based on bases of information that have accreted over a long period of time.
It is fairly clear that most, if not all of the people that belong to the misnamed “White Power” movement are uneducated, and that’s a shame. If there are those that went to school, they either didn’t learn anything, or are so deeply diseased that they are unable to put to use the tools they were given to work.

Racism is a dynamic wherein, among other things, the Racist is projecting their deep psychological inadequacies on the Other, and the face of the Other takes on a mythic power, a fetish, for the Racist. It is this model that allows the Racist to make sense of the world. It becomes an excuse for the actions of the Racist. The Racist wants to believe that violence is caused by the Other. The Other has an alien and strange culture. The Other is taking away jobs from the Racist.

Of course, all of this is nonsense. But the problem with the Racist is that they cannot unbelieve the things they hold dear- if one were to crack the façade, the Racist would have a mental and emotional breakdown- it is a framework, however incorrect and faulty, that they use to make sense of a world in which they feel lost, and as such, can not relinquish it.

The children of Racists are particularly disadvantaged; they are being abused emotionally. They are being raised with a set of ideas as faulty as misnaming colors, or objects. If you grow up believing that “red” is actually “green”, beyond semantic issues, you have a filter with which to view the world that virtually no one else has- not only that, but this filter is objectively wrong. There are only a very, very small group of people that hold these ersatz-Nazi beliefs, and they are shunned and ostracized by most all of the educated, civilized world. This puts one in an incredibly vulnerable position. It makes it extremely difficult to find anyone who might care to relate to you, and in the end, you must stick to your own community of play-Nazis.

In conclusion, I can only assume that these tightly-knit groups of pathologically-minded people will end up only marrying within the group, and over the course of a few more generations will become consanguineous and interbred. This will, thankfully, lead to a great deal of genetic problems, and eventually they will be crosseyed and sterile, like Mules.
edit [11.24.2005]:
some moron [called himself "Ajax"- isn't that cute? Greek warrior, indeed.] just made a comment that basically proved my point- it was incomprehensible, disjointed, filled with spelling mistakes, and sounded as if the person posting it was in desperate need of strong medication. I declined to publish it, as it was incredibly offensive, but also because it was largely meaningless. As soon as I hear "conspiracy" or "jew, jew, blah, jew", you lose your credibility. Sorry jackass.

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Your ideas are expressed in an organized and coherent manner. Very well written. And I must say I agree with everything you stated so perfectly. :)