Tuesday, July 18, 2006

not the best week.

My bike is broken, because it fell over at the shop where I work, so now it's a six mile walk to and from everyday. TAP has decided to give me less money in September than they originally estimated, to the tune of a third less. I did a massive load of laundry today, almost everything I own, and a pen exploded in the dryer and inked everything to a greater or lesser degree; nothing I can wear now is ink-free. We are having a pantry-moth infestation and had to throw out three-quarters of our food. I need to get my graduation application finalized, and everytime I have a moment free, my advisor isn't, and vice-versa. Massive heat wave- I'm having a problem, and no dough for an appointment with a doc or a script. On top of all this, I can't seem to do anything correctly at work lately.

This has been my past week and a half. The only good thing? She is awesome. We went to a street fair in High Falls last weekend, and I bought matching stainless steel rings for us.

Oh, and we've been having a "Lost" marathon. I'm hooked.

Two weeks ago I did get to cut and place veneer on a Jean Prouvé cabinet, similar to this one. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That was pretty cool.

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