Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Went to LI for a week

The estuary behind West Meadow beach in Setauket, NY.

Artesian well-- the water comes out of here cold and wonderful, always good for filling bottles and washing off when you're hot.


Due to the beach's orientation, the sunsets here are consistently good, three seasons of the year. (In the winter, the suns path is further to the south, and therefore sets over local land and not the water. We are looking WSW (almost due west) at Connecticut here.

It was a really nice trip-- I bought a 13' recreational kayak from Boréal Design, (the "Ookpik"-- an inuit word for Snowy Owl) and I took it out in the sound a little bit. It was really nice, and I'm now going to look for people to kayak with up here. I'll post pics of the kayak soon enough.


In other news, I finished my first graduate semester here, to the tune of 4.00, and I thank my professors for a wonderful (if psychosis-inducing) few months. Drs. F, W, and U: thanks. Now on to planning for next semester, making up a syllabus, and steeling myself for my first time teaching Freshman Composition.

I also got a 20' x 30' plot at the "Gardens for Nutrition," a community garden right in behind the condo; it originally started out as a place to grow produce for the less-well-off, and now is open to anyone. They have a shed with all the tools one needs, and an electric fence to keep the deer out (like the sonic fence in LOST). I'm hopefully sharing it with a friend (another Grad student and TA), who is growing flowers and herbs. I will be growing lettuce, spinach, green beans, snow peas (sugar snap), tomatoes, and a bunch of other stuff, including basil and some other herbs as well. I have my almanac flagged and noted for the best planting days, so I'm ready.

Otherwise, I'm working everyday at stripping and sanding and gluing and staining antique and not-so-antique furniture over at HFF. My boss is building a house for himself and his wife and baby, so I'll probably be back and forth, maintaining the shop and helping build the house.

In fact, I have to cut this short, as I have to go get ready to head over there right now. More updates soon. Enjoy the weather!
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