Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Poorly-Composed Pseudo-Abcedarian Mnemonic Poem of Prosodic and Literary Terminology for Your Education and Pleasure

An Anacoluthon is—what is Ananym for?

Boustrophedon in write could I or

a Chiasmus—the music of syntax.

Finger-joint Dactyls cut off by an axe.

Epanaleptic repetition where repetition is the norm—

this poem is not in Free Verse nor is it a Fixed Form.

Not really Gnomic, avoiding much judgment,

a Hapax Legomenon—“noncelet” or “nudgement.”

I can add an Ictus to show you the stress

or Jameswords || runningtogethera || Joyceanmess.

A Chorus of Kenemes: and, the, at, thus

messing with text in (Lunulæ): a Logodaedalus.

I could have used Litotes, a sort of Meiosis

or a Neologism, a Nonce-word: “Noöpoesis.”

Eviscerated with Onomatopoetic Obeli ,† † †,

with a ZIP and a SPLASH I open, sacrificed to Prosody.

Not “Quotation Marks,” but Inverted Commas, on

the Recto, the Verso, wait—this ain’t a Roman!

Ain’t is a Solecism, see also Syncope:

a Contraction, Elision, redundant Tautology.

Unvoiced Alveolar Lateral Fricative, the IPA’s curse,

Metrical writing with Stanzas are Verse.

Wit is from Witan: “to know” what is clever,

Xenophanic means witty, but this poem? whatever.

Yoking a phrase with Zeugma to end it,

the poem ends in wisdom—and the last couplet.

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KLA* said...

This is an amazing flex of your tremendously educated brain with the craft of poetry studied from the inside out. Very cool.