Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seems like a little mouth screaming
the clouds make all the sadness.
I had misread the tone. It is exactly right.
I'll worry.
there is plenty of stuff every day,
virtually all of it discourages you from applying it in the world.
Try to inhale at one or two removes from the ground. None of it is real.
"you have a ruptured disc at C4-5 and osteophytes impinging everywhere, stenosis . . ."
Pain, always in the third person.

Breathe (not real).


-Rayke said...

If you wrote this, kudos.

If not...good find. Ha.

KLA* said...

I like the poems you write that concern breathing and the scientific unseen. This is more edgy and modern than your usual style (if you could be said to have on; you have a voice, don't misunderstand me, consistent style is a different matter--personally, I prefer a restless innovation and play with styles).

February is going to try to kill us. It always does.