Wednesday, April 23, 2008

things are different . . . after night falls (I)

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KLA* said...

Should things not work out as a poet, you could always be a photographer. These are excellent. You, me, 4AD records? A dream come true.

jrs said...

Thanks! It's something I really enjoy, and I'm glad you like these.

The dark one in the middle is actually a mannequin in a window. Looks like it could be an album cover though. Perhaps a chapbook cover?

KLA* said...

Exactly what I'm thinking.

My friend Eric, who lives near you on that historical road, and I are going to resume our gothic music project once the semester ends and we were discussing the need for a few images to represent us, some with and some without. Since we have created all our music across from the graveyard there and the church, we thought some pictures there and elsewhere would be appropriate.

As you point out, things are different after night falls, and that is a big part of our music, hence our name, Nachtmusik.

We would love it if you felt like taking a couple of shots.

Something to discuss more later?

jrs said...

I'm open to whatever!