Monday, August 25, 2008


A lot has transpired since the last post-- this is the last of the "personal" posts for a while, going to keep it to professional and academic (as well as photos) for now.

My mom has been in the hospital for the past couple of weeks. (yeah, I know, she had just been back to the sub-acute, but then she got sick again)

She was transferred back to the sub-acute tonight, but her secondary insurance pre-authorization was slow in coming, and it sounds like they only approved her for two more weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me--my sense is that she needed two more weeks two weeks ago, but now having been in the hospital again, she might end up going somewhere other than home when she finishes at the rehab. I'm hoping she will be able to go back home, but . . . well, we'll all simply keep our fingers crossed. Okay?


In other news, today was the first day of the Fall 2008 semester, and I held my first Composition class. From what I see, I have a bright bunch of students that I'm excited to work with this semester. I know they're smart because they wouldn't be here if they weren't. To wit: news article / press release: "This year’s larger-than-normal freshman class was selected from an applicant pool of 13,868, which represents the 18th consecutive year that New Paltz has received the most new student applications among all SUNY colleges. The number of freshman applications has risen 54 percent since 2000 and as a result, New Paltz remains one of the most selective universities in the Northeast, accepting only 35 percent of its applicants.".

So yes, they're bright.

I am going to read over their diagnostic essays tonight, maybe do some laundry, wash the car?

I'm happy to be back.

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