Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our First Catskill 3500+

We ascended our first 3500'+ Catskill High Peak yesterday, Windham High Peak. It's the northernmost 3500, but it's one of the least high summits--it's only 3,525' (although our elevation gain was ~1,200' in a couple miles).

We thought it might be a good one to begin on, and it's very early in the season. Temps were in the forties at the trailhead, though at least ten degrees cooler at the summit. Low cloud ceiling, too, but an amazing view nonetheless. It was a very wet hike, this early in the season.

Saw a cool tree-burl-kinda-thing early on in the hike.

A little way in to the hike, there is a patch of old-growth forest, which is rare to see around here--even in the Catskills. It was much . . . darker than the photo seems to suggest. The word "primeval" fits; it felt sacred, otherwordly.

Views from the top . . .

Looking south-ish

L to R: Blackhead Mountain, Black Dome Mountain, and Thomas Cole Mountain. Tops obscured by low-ceiling clouds.

US Geo Survey Triangulation Benchmark

USGS Summit Benchmark
It was a great hike, overall, and a lot of exercise, even if it was an "easy" Catskill.

Fitbit says I climbed 142 flights of stairs . . .

GPS overview of post-hike route

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