Monday, November 03, 2008

I don't know why this is so funny.

Found on the "Zombie Survival Wiki":

********* Most awesome dream yet ever!But someone just interrupted it!
I was playing World of Warcraft and When I was doing Sunwell Plateau a raid instance, We defeated Kil'jaeden and the other bosses and I was very happy I got my Gronnstalker's Set and Thoridal Stars' Fury on my Hunter. I went to the CR and I saw myself wearing a weird Chain Mail,Helmet with an eye,and shoulderpads with an eye. It looked like the same thing in the game. I went to the living room and my dog looks weird too,it looked like a monster it was a warp stalker from the thing you tame as a pet in world of warcraft, I went outside and everybody was a zombie and big abominations. I saw my friend he was a zombie,I had a bow on my back and it was Thoridal Stars' Fury I shot all the zombies with a magical arrow. I was impressed and I thinked of moredamage and I gained "Aspect of the Hawk" which made me stronger. I whistled,I lost my ride so a cool armored tiger was there to take me to the city.I went to the city and while on my tiger I didn't knew I had a cool axe on my back,it made me stronger. I saw zombies coming near me and I used my bow on them. There were more zombies and I commanded my warp stalker to kill em all.I unleashed a Beastial Rage.I was in top of the building dancing . But while I was dancing, I fell down on the building and some weird dragon just saved me from falling,it was a Nether Drake and I had a huger smile on my face. I saw more zombies and I went down, I killed em all with my bow and someone just gouged me and backstabbed me finally it eviscerated me. I saw it was Bilo the rogue my arena opponent. While I was kneeling down I gave him the finger and he mutilated me.

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